Caladrius Opening Movie Lacks Shooting

Moss posted the opening movie for their gothic horror shooter Caladrius, but if I didn't already know that Caladrius was a shooter, this opening movie sure wouldn't give me the idea that it was. I would guess maybe a strategy RPG. Anyway, the opening movie just has character stills with their names against backgrounds with text scrolling by, while cherry blossoms and feathers fall from the sky. There is a purple cyclone and a possessed book or something, but no ships, no shooting, no sexy damage time, nothing. Overall it's rather boring. Watch the trailer instead.

I don't actually mind the lack of shooting or excitement because I've seen lots of different opening movies for shooters over the years, but the opening could have had at least one ship flying by at some point; that way I'd get more of an idea what this game might be about if I was ill-informed. I'm sure the game is going to be lots of fun, regardless, so I won't judge it based on this. The end of the video has a small look at the limited edition, too, so that's cool.


- Shawn - 3/20/13