Caladrius Shoots Its Pants Off

Even though all the characters of Moss' upcoming shooter Caladrius are comfortably inside ships, mechs, or some kind of Goth machine, and none of the characters' bodies are actually exposed to bullet hell bullets, the game will have a clothing damage system. Yes, the bullet hell action in Caladrius is so intense that even the characters' clothes will take damage. Hmmm, I don't remember seeing this in the trailer.

The bullet hell action is so intense even the characters' clothes take damage.

Apparently, during boss battles, if you fulfill some conditions there will be a quick cut-in animation of the boss's clothes being torn and ripped. The character graphic on the side will then change to the slightly less clothed version. This can also happen to the main heroes of the game, too, so if you're terrible at the game then you'll probably see your hero in some "embarrassing" situation again and again. It's weird to see this kind of thing in a shooter, but then Moss just increased their sales because the more pervy otaku not good at shooters will definitely be checking out Caladrius. You can see a lot more of the game's damaged clothes at Siliconera.

- Shawn - 3/11/13