Caladrius Shoots up Some Gothic Horror

Moss is bringing out Caladrius, a new original shooter set in a gothic horror world. Well, it's probably as gothic horror as it can get with having sleek space fighters and billions of brightly colored bullets. The screenshots show off a giant knight dude, a dragon thing, lots of bullets, and a few Goth-ish characters. Durarara and Devil Survivor artist Suzuhito Yasuda designed the characters and Basiscape did all the music for the game. Caladrius will have full voice acting in it story and the ship can be customized with the Elemental Shot System.

If the Caladrius looks away it means you'll die... from magic bullets.

Magic element shot bullets fill the screen.

That dragon thing looks cool, but what's with the green haired girl? Is that side boob?

Moss previously worked on Raiden IV, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Caladrius is due out on April 25th for the Xbox 360 and will be released outside of Japan shortly after. (via Siliconera)

- Shawn - 2/2/13