Capture a Galaga Fighter Model from Wave

The iconic space fighter from legendary classic Galaga is finally getting an official model kit. I'm pretty sure it's the first official model since the game came out in 1981. Made by Wave Corporation, the Galaga Fighter GFX-D002b model is way more detailed and curvaceous than the simple blocky fighter from the game. Is this was the design team was going for when they originally made Galaga? I can see the classic shape when viewed from up top, but there are so many curved pieces with its almost tan-ish color and a lack of red. It still looks cool, but also a bit weird. The Galaga model should be out on Spring 2013 for around 3,780, but double that if you want to create the dual ship mode, which I'm sure some fans do. Galaga is my absolute favorite classic game, so I have to buy this even though if it does look a little odd. Hopefully my basic modeling skills will be up to the task when this arrives.

Galaga is finally getting a model kit after over 30 years.

If Galaga was a side-scrolling shooter, the fighter might look something like this.

Wave also had other cool stuff on display at the All Japan Mokei Hobby Show 2012. They'll be making a Solvalou model kit from Xevious and a model of a Vewlix arcade cabinet. Wave's Solvalou looks very similar to R.C. Berg's previous works, as it even has the Andor Genesis display base. I suspect this one won't be nearly as limited or difficult to get like R.C. Berg's resin masterpieces. And a Vewlix arcade cabinet model? Awesome. (via Tomopop)

Wave's Solvalou looks good, I just wonder how it compares to R.C. Berg's.

A Vewlix to pose some figures with.

The Galaga model info card.

- Shawn - 10/19/12