Carrier Air Wing

-Capcom (1990)

The Story

The Blue Angels are performing in Tokyo. You are the back-up pilot in case one of the regular Angels is struck with the Tokyo flu. During one of the shows, the evil terrorist organization known as Rabu attacks. Since the other pilots are performing their stunt spectacular, Blue Angel commander Sean Connery assigns you the mission of taking out Rabu, so the people of Tokyo can continue to enjoy the greatness of the Navyís best pilots. You are also ordered to make sure you fight in a Blue Angel to show the kids that joining the Navy is a super stunt spectacular when you're saving the world.

My Thoughts

Doesn't this game look a lot like U.N. Squadron? Itís as if Capcom just took most of the enemy models from U.N. Squadron, made a few new backgrounds, slapped 'em together, and got the Navy to sponsor it. Yes, this game is actually sponsored by the U.S. Navy, which does give it a slight hint of authenticity since they obviously participate in monumental battles like this every day.

At the start of the game you can choose between three planes: an F-14, an A-6, or an F-18 in Blue Angel colors. Save the world as one of the best stunt pilots in the world, which is pretty much the biggest thing the game has going for it. What other game lets you play as a Blue Angel? There are three upgradeable weapons, special bombs and missiles you can get between missions, and a fuel gauge that doubles as your health.

The stages are standard skies, cities, waterways, and space with familiar types of bosses. However, you do get to blast through skyscrapers in the second stage, which is obviously something that wouldn't make it in a game today. Carrier Air Wing is good, has loads of missions, and gives you some fine shooter action. You just feel as though youíve already played a better version called U.N. Squadron.

Score: 7.0     







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