Cave is Developing a Shooter RPG

Remember Sigma Star Saga for the Game Boy Advance? It combined side-scrolling shooters with an RPG and was pretty great. Cave is trying something similar yet new by making a shooter RPG called Don Paccin. It looks like it'll be a different kind of shooter RPG than what Sigma Star Saga was. Obviously, the main shooter portion is much like Cave's famed bullet-hell shooters. Apparently you can upgrade the firepower and have to pay attention to your fuel supply. I'm not exactly sure how this will all work, but the map reminds me of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, where you just follow the lines to the next dungeon, or in this case the next bite-size shooter stage. Check out the trailer with some sweet Cave music.

Since it's being made by Cave, Don Paccin will probably be cool, but it's for Android and iOS. I hardly play any mobile games anymore. Maybe I'll check this out when it's released, though; I could go for a new type of shooter RPG since Sigma Star Saga came out back in 2005. Oh, and will the sequel be called DoDon Paccin?

- Shawn - 11/13/13