ChumBuddy is Your New Sleeping Bag

ChumBuddy is not only a 7 foot long plush shark, but it's also the best sleeping bag ever. A freaking shark sleeping bag! My regular bed is considerably less exciting after seeing this. Why sleep in a regular bed when you could peacefully drift off inside the deadliest jaws on Earth? Inside the shark is about 30 pounds of poly-fill, so it's quite hefty, but you would be the coolest person at your sleepover, if you still have sleepovers at your age. I would love to sleep in this, but that $200 price tag is a bit much.

The only bad thing about it is if you were having a nightmare about being eaten by sharks, and woke up, forgetting you fell asleep in your warm and comfy ChumBuddy. There would be a hell of a lot of blood-curdling screaming going on. (via Tomopop)

There is no better way to fall asleep.

- Shawn - 5/10/10