Cobra Missile Command Headquarters Re-created for SDCC 2017

Hasbro's SDCC '17 exclusive for the "crown jewel of the Hasbro universe" is a re-creation of a rare G.I. Joe playset. The original cardboard Cobra Missile Command Headquarters was a Sears exclusive back in 1982 and '83. The re-created set is still cardboard and has the same graphics and the same type of box as the original.

The set includes three figures including Cobra commander, a Cobra Officer and, and a Cobra Trooper. Cobra Commander even has a slightly different Cobra logo on his uniform as an homage to the original Commander logo. Also included are file cards for the figures and a file card holder. Neat.

Even though it's cardboard, it's a cool set that re-creates something a lot of Joe collectors probably don't have. Plus, that Cobra Commander with the original logo is worth getting the set for. The set will be $49.99 at SDCC and HasCon.

Shawn - 6/15/17