Commander Shepard's Favorite Bishoujo

Liara won't be alone in the Bishoujo universe for much longer, as Kotobukiya has sent out official photos of their next Mass Effect Bishoujo statue, Commander Shepard. The Commander FemShep Bishoujo actually comes in two versions, one based on the red-haired fan-voted default appearance and the other a dark-haired FemShep that is exclusive to the BioWare store. So which one is her favorite? Both, of course, because that's how Shepard rolls.

As for differences aside from hair color, Default FemShep holds a M55 Argus Rifle in her left hand which is interchangeable with an Omni Blade. Her right hand is open with "Hey you better stop or I might do something" pose. The BioWare exclusive version has an Omni Blade on the left arm and interchangeable right hands, one with a N7 Eagle pistol, the other the open hand of the normal version. Dark FemShep is limited to maybe 2500 pieces, possibly less once the final number is decided. Both versions look fantastic for fans who want a Japanese-styled Commander FemShep. Both Bishoujo FemShep's will be out in March 2013.

Commander Shepard's favorite Bishoujo on the Citadel.

Also Commander Shepard's favorite Bishoujo on the Citadel.

With all the hate that BioWare got for the Liara Bishoujo, of course fans are spewing all over the FemShep one. Whether it's the face, pose, hair, the character looking too "anime," or accusing BioWare of selling out, some fans just refuse to accept alternate interpretations of characters. This is especially extra ridiculous when the main character is designed to look however the player wants. I'm a huge fan of Mass Effect, but some Mass Effect fans are the worst. I'd like to see a Tali Bishoujo because they couldn't show her face, so she should receive less hate from fans.

- Shawn - 9/29/12