-Athena (1993)



The Story

An alien race that worships crab-like beings has attacked Earth. The Pyramids have been destroyed and the great temples of the Aztecs have become their bases of operations as they capture and enslave humanity. Take your oddly roundish space fighter and destroy them before they sacrifice us to their sacred crustacean Gods.



My Thoughts

The cool thing about Daioh, is that you have six weapons available to use at anytime. There are three normal guns, including a spread vulcan cannon, a lightning gun, and a missile barrage. There are also three types of bombs, including a normal bomb blast, beam cannon, and a spread bomb. The enemies are fairly original for a shooter. Many of the enemies and most of the bosses resemble various crabs, but one boss seems very out of place. It starts off as three phallic pumping tubes with faces that spit at you and when destroyed, reveals a large brain with a face. It doesn’t fit with anything else that is in the game. Maybe the lead designer was trying to tell his hard-working developer boys something. In the final stage (stage seven) all you do is fight the last boss who is insanely tough to beat. If you’re just playing as one player you have to beat him in one life, because if you die you start the stage over. Daioh is a fairly solid and decent shooter.

Score: 6.0        










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