Dangan Feveron

-Cave (1998)


The Story

Slide me some skin, man, how you been? Sorry to call you during your disco dance off, but we need your help. Our funkafied transmissions from the colony have been intercepted by a race of jive talkin’ aliens. They hate our psychedelic tunes and want to destroy humanity because of it. These aliens need to mellow out, ya dig? They’ve captured all the people that love disco and are gonna eliminate them for their undeniable need to shake their booty. We need you to book to the hanger and fire up one of our new outta-sight space fighters. It’ll give you the bullet fever! Save disco for all the foxy ladies, man, even the Stellas and the fag hags. See ya on the flipside, my man.    

My Thoughts

Cave paints, what I feel is, an accurate portrait of the future in Dangan Feveron. Disco will make a huge comeback with the people on space colonies and other species will want to kill us because of it. This could have been just another overhead space shooter, but the future disco theme is refreshing and makes the game stand out.

The blaring disco has a great beat only meant for those wanting to shake their money-makers. The enemy and boss designs are good and put up a relentless onslaught against the savoir of disco. The bosses are big with lots of hidden weapons. During gameplay either the pilot or just some announcer, I’m not sure which, shouts phrases like, “I’ve got the fever!” “Yeah!” and “I can feel it!” Right before boss fights he would say “Heaven is burning inside my soul!” Woo, now I’ve got the fever. As you obliterate the disco hating aliens they release dancers trapped in shiny disco plasma balls.

The special weapons of each of the three playable ships also keep with the disco theme. In the explosions of flames and lasers are the posed silhouettes of dancers. They are truly a sight to behold. The bad thing is there are only five stages. I needed more disco booty shakin’ shooter action.     

Score: 8.0








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