Dangerous Seed

-Namco (1989)


The Story

The people of Earth thought the Galaga were finally defeated. During the Galaga War of ’88, at the brink of their defeat, the Galaga shot pods to the Earth’s moon and the other planets in the solar system as a last ditch effort to destroy humanity. Each pod contained a dangerous seed that turned the planet into a Galaga breeding ground. However, the differing atmospheres of the planets helped to create new breeds of creatures infinitely more deadly than the Galaga themselves. The moon became their primary base of operations.

Before knowledge of the infestation made it to Earth, three prototype fighters were captured by these insectoid aliens. The three ships, known as the Alpha, Beta, and Delta, hold more firepower than the standard star fighters. When combined into one, however, the ships are more powerful than anything the Earth has ever seen. Unconscious for a few hours, the pilots awaken to find themselves in a tube of the enemy’s moon base. They must make their escape and eliminate the vile infestation that now plagues the solar system. 

My Thoughts

Namco really likes their space bugs. It seems almost all of their space shooter games feature zero-gravity insectoids. Dangerous Seed does have the bugs and seems to be a standard, yet colorful, overhead shooter at first glance, but it also has a cool fighter concept. You start with three separate fighters and have to make it through four “tubes” using the fighters separately. If one gets destroyed, then the next, more powerful ship makes an attempt to get through. If you do get to stage five, the three ships combine into one big ultra combo ship which brings massive amounts of sheer fire-power. Players may not make it to stage five though, because at stage three the difficulty gets injected with impossible juice. Each ship has shields, but the stages must be completed with one ship, something the new breed of Galaga won’t let you do. Nearly all of the enemies fire multiple shots at once which clog the screen with unavoidable gooey insectoid death. The funniest thing about this game is when you continue the game says, "Thank you for your braveness. God bless you." That just feel very out of place in a game like this. If Dangerous Seed wasn’t so damned difficult, I may have rated it a little higher. Playability is always number one. I can only give so many points for a couple cool ideas.

Score: 5.5








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