Darius Burst Brings Back True Widescreen Gaming

Darius Burst is bringing back widescreen gaming. I'm not talking about the HD widescreen gaming we're used to these days, but old-school super ultra ridiculous widescreen gaming. Back in 1986, the first Darius game was released in a three-screen wide arcade cabinet. It blew my mind the first time I saw it at my local arcade and was one of the most amazing arcade experiences ever. Darius II, released in 1989, also sported a widescreen display, but was only two screens wide. Taito is going back to the series' roots and giving the arcade release of Darius Burst: Another Chronicle the ultra widescreen display. The game will use two 32" screens, but with the more common widescreen size of monitors today, it will be about as wide as the three-screen set-up of the original. The game will also support four players since there will be plenty of space. This really makes me wish arcades weren't dead in the 'states. Maybe Dave & Busters will be kind enough to get one. The new Darius will go on location test in Akihabara Hey August 7th and 8th and it looks like fans will be able to score a couple sweet Darius pens. Darius Burst: Another Chronicle should be released in the Winter. If this is ever ported to a home console I just hope it preserves the ultra wide aspect ratio. (via Andriasang)

If Darius Burst: Another Chronicle is ever ported to a home console it had better have huge black bars above and below the screen.

- Shawn - 7/31/10