Darius Burst Sliver Hawk Bursting in Blue

Plum has another Silver Hawk model bursting from Darius Burst: Another Chronicle. This time it's the blue Silver Hawk, also known as the player 2 color. The sleek model is 160mm long and includes decals, landing gear, and a new clear display stand (the stand for the red Silver Hawk was black). There is also a Burst Parts set with a new clear display stand, so you can have your bursting Darius Burst burst displays all matching up with the Silver Hawks. The blue Silver Hawk is on pre-order now from AmiAmi and Hobby Search.

Silver Hawk will be bursting the blue all over space.

Since Darius Burst: Another Chronicle is a four-player game, I'm sure we can expect to see green and orange Silver Hawk models bursting forth later in the year.

- Shawn - 3/24/11