Dariusburst CS Limited Edition Bursting with Shooting Game Historica

Even though Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours has been out on the PlayStation 4 for over a year, a physical Limited Edition was just released. When I originally saw the listing, one thing in particular jumped out at me; the three Silver Hawk ships that were included. From the promo photos, the ships looked like repaints of the Shooting Game Historica red Legend Silver Hawk Burst. I'm a big collector of Takara Tomy ARTS' Shooting Game Historica line, so the chance to own blue, green, and yellow Silver Hawks was one I had to take. It arrived in the mail and the ships are indeed repaints of the Shooting Game Historica 4 Legend Silver Hawk Burst.

Blue Silver Hawk is included in either Limited Edition, but only green and yellow are in the Japanese version.

Limited Run Games is also releasing their own version of the Limited Edition for U.S. fans who don't want to import, or who may not even know about the Japanese version. They have only released a few photos of the box and mentioned what will be in it, but it is nearly the same as the Japanese version. Limited Run's version will include the physical English version of the game, a soundtrack CD (probably the same as Japan's Arrange Album 2), and two SGH Silver Hawks instead of the Japanese edition's three. The two Silver Hawks in Limited Run's will be the red and blue, so player 1 and player 2 colors. If you collect SGH and need a full squadron of Silver Hawks, it looks like the only way to get the green and yellow is to invest in the Japanese LE.

If you're wondering why the Japanese LE does not include the red Silver Hawk, well, red was released years ago and then re-released fully assembled with Burst Parts.  If you missed it though, Limited Run's LE is the only non-import way to get the red (and blue) Silver Hawk in the U.S.

Limited Run's box looks just like this, but with more English text on the back.

The Japanese version is still available to order at places like AmiAmi and Play-Asia for around $100 or so. Limited Run has yet to announce a release date for their version, but it will be limited to only 2,000 units at one per person for $99.99. Limited Run is going a step further and individually numbering each box with a holographic sticker. Many, if not most, of Limited Run's releases sell out within minutes of going live, so be fast.

The Vita Limited Edition included Arrange Album 1, but no SGH ships.

If I'm able to get Limited Run's LE, I'll post comparison shots of the Japan Vs. Limited Run. release.

- Shawn - 4/8/2017