Darkstalkers Ultimate Edition Pussyfoots into a Hardcover

Udon's Darkstalkers Ultimate Edition is now available in the even more ultimate hardcover version. The hardcover features a dust jacket with new art of Felicia by Alvin Lee. The actual cover art by Omar Dogan is of the male characters as females. Huh. It's cool, but a little weird. On the inside of the Ultimate Edition, no matter the hard or soft cover, the pages feature both of Udon's Darkstalkers and Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors series plus a gallery of all the variant covers.

Alvin Lee let the Felicia out of the bag.

Darkstalkers Ultimate Edition hardcover is limited to 300 copies and the Udon store is running a very limited early-bird pre-order bonus of a set of a Darkstalkers #1-6 foil cover set, but only for the first 20 orders. The product page says that the page will be refreshed once the 20 orders are placed and as it still mentions the foil set they might be available yet. So if you want to try your luck and see if you actually get the foils give it a shot. When the foils are gone all the additional orders will get a single random foil. The book will ship the week of April 20th... which is this week... so this isn't a pre-order, it's just an order then? If you don't want to pay shipping or don't like your chances in not getting the foil set, the book will probably be available at conventions this Summer, like SDCC.

If all the Darkstalkers characters were chicks they would look like this.

- Shawn - 4/26/12