Death Deals The Art of DarkSiders II Hardcover

After the big THQ asset auction, it was sad to see that absolutely no one bid on DarkSiders or Vigil Games. Seriously, Homefront got bought but not DarkSiders? What the hell?! I'm sure Crytek can do something cool with Homefront, so this is no knock against Crytek. It's just maddening knowing that an IP with a largely mediocre or worse game was bought over an amazing franchise with two fantastic games under it belt. There is still a chance someone could get DarkSiders in the secondary THQ sell-off, possibly by Platinum, so there could be hope.

For those that do love DarkSiders, because there are a lot of fans, Udon has announced and released a limited edition hardcover version of their DarkSiders II art book. It's 226 pages of awesome art and production from Joe Madureira and Vigil and is exclusive to the Udon Store. Strangely, Udon did not share the number of copies that the book is limited to. The first DarkSiders art book was limited to 500, so I'm guessing this could be the same. If nobody picks up DarkSiders during THQ's second asset sale, this could be one of the last pieces of DarkSiders merchandise. Let's hope that a good studio buys it and the series continues.

Is this the last piece of DarkSiders merchandise?

- Shawn - 1/26/13