Death Smiles IIX Does Bullet Hell on Demand

Death Smiles IIX is heading to North America on May 17th, but it's not getting a retail release or being translated. It's heading straight to Xbox Live's Games On Demand for $29.99, making it the first digital import title available on the service. According to Cave's Facebook page, Cave said they were approached by Microsoft to try out this new business model to get some of their games released outside of Japan, which is a good thing, mostly.

I buy all the region-free shooters released in Japan and MonkeyPaw's un-translated PS One Imports on the PS3, so I'm used to lots of Japanese text and not really knowing what the hell is going on other than loads of bullets. Here's hoping Cave releases an English-language patch, though, because I would like to know why there is a giant bullet-shooting Reindeer trying to ruin Christmas. While I'd much rather have a disc release and almost be willing to pay more for a physical region-free disc than do the games on demand thing (because $30 seems like a lot for a digital title), it's nice that Cave is bringing the game over in some form. If this business model is successful for Cave and if no publisher decides to localize it, I'm sure we'll see Akai Katana on demand some day.

Something is definitely wrong during Christmas when a giant bullet-shooting comes to town.

It was previously stated by Cave that Death Smiles IIX could only be purchased with a credit card on Games on Demand, but now Microsoft has said that it can be purchased using points. After the whole PSN debacle I'm sure more gamers might be reluctant to use their credit card online and I know some fans were refusing to buy the game only using a credit card, so it's good that this was cleared up. (via SiliconEra)

- Shawn - 5/14/11