DeathSmiles' Casper Gets Some New Color

RC Berg's resin kit of Casper from gothy shooter DeathSmiles is getting a re-release. This New Color Version mainly has Casper in slightly darker blue clothing, but the colored resin looks flatter, too, as the original had a glossier look. The German dead girl is 1/8 scale and stands approximately 13cm tall with her haunted scissors, bat wings, and casket stand. This will be available February 12th for 14,700 Yen. Unfortunately, the 68 piece kit does not include her spirit familiar Kiki, a crazed little bat who helps her shoot 'em up. You can see more shots of the kit over at RC Berg. Oh, and one more thing: check out her huge platform shoes!

Casper has her scissors and giant platforms, but no Kiki.

- Shawn - 1/17/12