Defender (Mobile)

-THQ/Midway (1980/2004)

-Played on a Sanyo 8200



Big space bugs stick hoses into people when youíre not looking.

My Thoughts

I have always enjoyed the original Defender. The main point of the game was to defend humans that were running around the surface of what seemed to be a moon from being captured by buggy aliens. It was also fun to just not care and destroy everything, including the humans you were supposed to protect. Die pesky spacemen! I found that the best way to play the mobile version of Defender is to defend yourself from ever playing it.

The graphics are the same, which is good because that shouldnít be an issue for a game this old. Black space and black ground are still indistinguishable save for the thin mountainous outline. The weapons are also as you remember them with lasers, warping, and a bomb when the hose protruding aliens come to stick you. The Defender ship explodes in the same super particle blast that everyone loves, except it looses a little oompf on the cell phone.

There are a few reasons why this game fails. First are the unresponsive controls. There is a noticeable delay in pressing a button and getting its action. However, the pacing of the mobile version is slow so the controls do fit the game as a whole. Since Defender was a fairly quickly paced game much of the originalís intensity is lost. Plus, the lasers the ship fires donít actually have to hit the aliens for them to be destroyed. The lasers merely have to get close enough for the aliens to feel their red hot burn. The same can be said about rescuing the humans. You can just set them close enough to the drop point.

As much as I like the original Defender the mobile version is surprisingly flawed.

Score: 4.0




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