Destro Drives Shockwave to SDCC with Soundwave

Last week Hasbro revealed the awesome Shockwave as a H.I.S.S. tank SDCC 2012 exclusive. They didn't say what figure would accompany it, but I said Destro would make a great companion figure. Hasbro revealed more photos of the set from Toy Fair 2012 and guess what? Destro is included with Shockwave. Destro is wearing purple and has a Decepticon logo on his armor vest, which is pretty cool. Not only that, but the set also includes Soundwave in cassette player form with three cassettes. Sweet. I love that Soundwave is in his classic Cassette player form and not something modern or futuristic. Hell, cassettes are probably the only things Cobra can listen to Cold Slither on. The set includes a second figure of an ugly green and purple BAT. It's cool that a second figure is included, but I think a Techno Viper would work better here. There are a ton of accessories, too, with lots of weapons, a briefcase full of cash, and even Energon cubes with a cart to roll them around on. Yep, this G.I. Joe/Transformers set is now officially better than the Starscream Skystriker set from last year. (via GIJCC)

Destro is packing all the good stuff into Shockwave for SDCC this year.

 Energon cubes to fuel Shockwave and an incredibly ugly B.A.T.

Destro is pimpin' in purple. Also, Soundwave with cassettes!

In other GI Joe exclusive news, the New York Toy Fair will have their own exclusive figure. NYCC will have a G.I. Joe: Retaliation Lady Jaye. I'm going to guess that this is repaint and there will be a regular version at some point, too.

The Lady Jaye exclusive at NYCC looks to be the desert variant.

- Shawn - 2/11/12