DoDonPachi Element Daughter 01 Action Figure Incoming

Model makers R.C. Berg Ltd. have typically made videogame ship kits and statue kits, but soon they'll have an action figure kit of Element Daughter 01 A.I, the first boss and cover girl from DoDonPachi Resurrection. R.C. Berg has made a resin kit of A.I before, but now she'll be fully articulated for bullet-hell posing action. For specifics, all we know right now is that the figure is 1/240 scale, which should be almost 8" tall, and will be available on 7/29/2012. R.C. Berg will mot likely post action photos of the final colored figure in the near future. Be sure to hit up a proxy service if you want one.

A.I is unpainted, but still ready to shoot a million pink and blue bullets your way.

- Shawn - 5/28/12