DoDonPachi Element Daughter 01 Resin Kit

Makers of awesome videogame resin kits, RC Berg, have made some sweet DoDonPachi vehicles before, but now they're making DoDonPachi Resurrection's Element Daughter 01 A.I. This statue has A.I lounging around, probably just moments before shooting out a flood of bullet hell in your face. She's the boss of the first stage in DoDonPachi Resurrection and is a ship that inexplicably transforms into a giant robot chick. That's how things work in DoDonPachi.

The statue is not a usual 1/8 or 1/6 scale, but is 1/240 scale because, again, she's a giant robot chick. The 60-piece kit is already cast in color and includes an alternate "nude" body if you're one of those kinds of fanboys. I find it a little strange that her eyes are mere decals and not painted on. This will only available from the Cave's Online Shop for a limited time starting 12/22 for 14,700 Yen, so hit up your friends in Japan if you want to score one of these. Check out photos of A.I from other angles at RC Berg's site.

A small in-scale DoDonPachi ship should have been included to show that A.I really is a giant robot girl.

- Shawn - 12/19/11