DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Wears Less for More Intense Bullet Hell

Cave's DoDonPachi Saidaioujou, the next in Cave's awesome bullet hell series, is going through location testing in Japan. Saidaioujou uses a dress system where the clothing you choose for the character adjusts the weapons and difficulty of the game. The battle dress powers-up the shot attack and lets you have a total of six bombs. The personal clothes make the laser more powerful and let you have a total of four bombs. The bikini makes both attacks stronger, but lets you only have one bomb, and enemies attack more intensely. It's an interesting, if strange way to adjust the difficulty of the game. I don't think we can really see what the character is wearing during the madness of bullet hell, though.

Wear less in DoDonPachi Saidaioujou for a more intense bullet hell experience.

There's also the first gameplay video DoDonPachi Saidaioujou, which is a cam-shot video of a Japanese fan paying the game at a location test. He picked the swimsuit option. (via Andriasang)

- Shawn - 2/5/12