Download the Mass Effect Coloring and Activity Book

If you're a Mass Effect fan then you definitely want to download the Mass Effect Coloring and Activity Book. Check out some of the super fun activities you can do!

  • Color the heroes and aliens from the Mass Effect universe.
  • Alien word search.
  • Learn killer dance moves.
  • Decode secret messages
  • Calibrate with Garrus.
  • Solve a character crossword puzzle.
  • Choose the right food for Tali to eat so she doesn't die.
  • Grab the Hanar's correct tentacle.
  • Color in Krogan sweaters.
  • Mad Dog Libs.
  • Jokes from Joker.
  • Help Samara interrogate cookie thieves.
  • Write in your own dialogue tree responses when Liara says, "Shepard, it's a boy!"
  • Figure out what junk Kasumi stole.
  • Draw tattoos on Jack.
  • Color Miranda's ass.

Which tentacle do you grab? They're all tentacles, right?

Whoa, wait a minute... you were pregnant!?

This fun-filled book was made by Something Awful forum user skoolmunkee as part of their Mass Effect secret Santa shindig. If you're familiar with Mass Effect, this is a great laugh and will be a decent way to pass the time when stuck in an airport this holiday season. If you haven't played Mass Effect yet, download the book now, play the games, then go back to the book for coloring hilarity. Go download the PDF Mass Effect Coloring and Activity Book from Mass Effect Saves, where they'll also be showing off the other secret Santa gifts, like this awesome Che Garrus T-shirt. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finish coloring Miranda's behind. (via Kotaku)

- Shawn - 12/15/10