Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Trailer is Zoomed Up in Your Face

Funimation has released a trailer of the Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray set with newly screwed up zoomed in video. Here's a little history. Back in June, Funimation ran a survey asking fans' opinions on future Dragon Ball Z Blu-rays. One of the questions concerned the aspect ratio, whether it should be presented in the original 4:3 format or cropped 16:9. When I saw this question, my reaction was, "Why is this even a question?" You're losing so much of the original picture just to make it "fit" in HD TVs. Of course, I voted for 4:3, because that's the how it was originally made and how it was originally presented. It has ALL the picture, ALL the animation, ALL the pointless imagery of Goku standing there wasting entire episodes trying to conjure up a spirit bomb.

A month ago, Funimation announced that Dragon Ball Z: Season One will be hitting Blu-ray in cropped 16:9. What the hell? What happened in the survey? All the comments I've read since have stated that they voted for 16:9, so I don't understand how, when so many voted 4:3, that cropped 16:9 actually won. Did a ton of people that no nothing of aspect ratios vote in the survey?

Well, Funimation released a trailer for the Blu-ray set that actually has comparisons of the original aspect ratio vs. the new, called "past" and "future" in the trailer. Have a watch.



Sweet dragon balls, the future of DBZ looks awful. It's nice that Funimation is being somewhat honest buy having a comparison in their own trailer, but that is so zoomed in. The re-mastered coloring looks fine, but that cropping really bothers me. I'm not the most hardcore DBZ fan, as I own exactly one, very awesome, Goku action figure, and some of the PS3 games. However, I was originally planning on buying at least the season sets to get up through the Cell Saga on Blu-ray. When Funimation announced the cropped 16:9 specs that was a deal breaker. Now that we can see how it looks compared to the original, I want to not buy these even more. I own a lot of Funimation Blu-rays and am very happy with them, but this kind of worries me for future Funimation releases, especially Cowboy Bebop.

Seriously though, stick to the DVD Dragon Boxes if you can find them for a decent price. Or the VHS tapes.

- Shawn - 11/7/13