Dress Like Kaneda

I used to think Kaneda's bike model was the ultimate Akira collectible. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Akira, Bandai Visual has started the Akira Project. The first things from the project are a pair of jackets; Kaneda's red leather jacket, and a black 30th Anniversary jacket. Kaneda's jacket is an exact replica of the jacket Kaneda wore and costs a mean 69,800 Yen, which is over $900. The black jacket is the same as Kaneda's but in black, a different logo on the back, and you'll look more normal wearing it everyday. The jackets come in Japanese sizes M - XXXL and are cool as hell. Anyone who orders the jacket from Bandai's LaLaBit Market also gets three random pins from a set of twelve. Three pins with a $900 red leather jacket? If I'm going to spend that much on Kaneda's red leather jacket, it had better come with matching pants. Check out more photos of the jackets at LaLaBit. (via Anime News Network)

For 69,800 Yen, the pants should be included. And the goggles.

- Shawn - 10/13/11