Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Trailer

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn brings updated Square Square Square Triangle gameplay with Mobile Suits throughout Gundam history, but now we get to pilot the huge Mobile Armor. Bandai Namco and Tecmo Koei have teamed up to bring the biggest Dynasty Warriors Gundam yet, featuring over 100 mobile suits to pilot from . The visuals have been given a more realistic upgrade as opposed to the cel-shading of the previous two games in the series. Watch the trailer with some of the most epic music around.


It may not be the Gundam game some fans want, but it's good to see some kind of Gundam game coming to the U.S. at all, so we should take what we can get. Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn is hitting the U.S. PS3 in July. I just wish this was a disc release and not strictly a download.

- Shawn - 4/27/14