U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker

-Visco Games (1993)


The Story

An alien race with a lame name has taken over the Earth. The people that are able to escape from the Slytow form colonies. The colonies group together and make plans to take back their home. Their forces are annihilated during many unsuccessful attacks to reclaim Earth, but they keep hope alive. A squadron of four battle-hardened veteran pilots is formed. They are called Earth Joker.


My Thoughts

When I play a game, I like to have a story attached. I like to know why Iím fighting these aliens and basically, what my motivation is. Itís nice when shooters have stories because many of them donít, you are just to assume youíre fighting the good fight. But, when a long paragraph of text comes on the screen for only a second, how are you really supposed to know what the hell is going on? Give me a reasonable amount of time to read this stuff! So, in between stages of Earth Joker you are given approximately one second to read a paragraph of text telling you your mission in the new area. Your mission is to destroy everything, but it would still be nice to get to read this part of the story. 

What else donít I like about this game? You canít switch your ship when you continue. I want to be able to try out the different ships to see if thereís one I like better. I donít want to start the game over to use a different ship. Other than those two negatives, Earth Joker is a pretty decent overhead shooter. The designs of the four ships you can choose are fairly unique in the shooter world. Each ship has its own weapon style and charge shot, which makes for a little variety. The enemy designs are equally good. The crappy little one-shot-and-theyíre-dead enemies look like they have axe edges on their wings; itís a neat looking ship. My favorite ship in the game is a slightly stronger enemy with the cockpit on one side and huge laser cannon on the other. It looks pretty kick-ass. The bosses also look fine. Earth Joker is a solid shooter with just a couple tiny annoyances. If you need a good overhead try it out. Oh, and for those that love useless info, the word ďdefenseĒ is spelled three different ways in this game. 

Score: 7.0     








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