Element Daughter 01 Crushes a DoDonPachi Ship in the Palm of Her Hand

R.C. Berg Ltd. posted photos of their colored and completed Element Daughter 01 A.I resin action figure kit from intense bullet-hell shooter DoDonPachi Resurrection. The approximately 8" tall, 1/240 scale A.I consists of about a bazillion pieces and must be assembled. It includes alternate hands and eye decals, but doesn't need to be painted thanks to R.C. Berg's color cast resin tech, unless you want that little extra bit of detailing. What is especially awesome is that one of her alternate hands is crushing the DoDonPachi Squad's Type-C ship. It would be cooler if the figure included all three ships, but there are a small car and truck included to further establish the scale of this giant shooty schoolgirl robot.

It doesn't look like the DoDonPachi Type-C ship is making it past stage 1.

Now that truck will never make its delivery thanks to this giant robot schoolgirl.

A.I. will be available at Wonder Festival on 7/29 for a rough 14,000 Yen. Head to R.C. Berg to check out more photos of the figure kit.

- Shawn - 7/1/12