Equip a Vic Viper Sword in Frontier Gate

Normally, I wouldn't have much of an interest in a PSP RPG, but Konami's Frontier Gate will have a Vic Viper sword that shoots a laser and Big Core boss weapon. I can't even imagine how encumbered a character would be when wielding a Vic Viper. In classic giant weapon in RPG syndrome, the Vic Viper and Big Core are bigger than the characters that carry them, making them both awesome and hilarious. Aside from Gradius, there will be DLC form other games, like Suikoden, Beyond the Labyrinth, and LovePlus. Frontier Gate is out on December 22nd and I haven't heard anything for a North American release for it yet. If this ever hits in North America with the DLC, I would definitely try to get through the entire game equipping only the Vic Viper and Big Core on my characters, even if there were better weapons in the game. (via Siliconera)

- Shawn - 12/10/11

Evil penguins should be easy pickings when wielding a Vic Viper and Big Core.