Eschatos Includes Two Retro Shooters and is Region Free

Qute's upcoming Xbox 360 shooter Eschatos will include two of their old shooters, Judgment Silversword: Rebirth Edition and Cardinal Sin: Recycle Edition. Both games were originally released on the WonderSwan, so they might look a little weird upscaled on an HD screen. Also on Qute's YouTube page for the new Eschatos trailer, they mention that the disc will be region free. This game will most likely not be localized in North America, so import freely, shooter fans. Considering the disc contains three games, it makes me feel a little better about paying those extra import fees. Eschatos will be out on March 24th, 2010. (via Andriasang)

Judgment Silversword and Cardinal Sin complement Eschatos very nicely.

- Shawn - 1/23/11