Exed Exes

-Capcom (1985)



The Story

The Space Colony has crashed into the nearby moon of Exes. The colony was doing experiments on the affects of a recently found substance on the surface of Exes. Preliminary research showed that the substance made the insects brightly colored and gave them insatiable cravings for fruit and religion. On Exes however, larger doses caused the insects to grow to the size of spaceships. The bugs have developed crude space technology and a religious sect of their own. Ships passing by Exes have been attacked and Freighters carrying delicious fruits have been captured by the bugs. The mission is to destroy the bugs, disrupt their religious order, and take back the fruit that is rightfully ours.

My Thoughts

Exed Exes is a largely drab game featuring the overused space insect theme, but it does have a few very strange traits that make it somewhat unique. Collecting a Pow power-up turns any on-screen enemies into various pieces of fruit. I donít know how this works exactly, but the concept of insects changing into apples, strawberries, and bunches of grapes is very odd. The other Pow with the circle around it does something normal as it slightly increases the ship's firepower.

The game becomes boring and the music gets annoying. Every stage looks identical to the previous one. The music consists of a short track looped over and over. Hi-Point sections of stages, usually called bonus stages, bring different annoying music and the boss fights get an even shorter four second loop. Each stage also features the same candy colored insects, boring spherical ships, and robo skulls flying around. The bosses are the letter H, a dual cross, a triple cross, and other big unremarkable ships with lots of guns and skulls. A short while through the game and the bosses start repeating. Something to note though is that the Capcom throwing star symbol thingy has lots of screen time in this game. If youíve played any Capcom shooter you know what Iím talking about. It usually pops up somewhere and grants the player an extra life or the ship/plane gets all power-up. In Exed Exes, however, the star thing is an enemy, showing up to help out the bosses. Play this game only if you want to see the Capcom star thing in action.

Score: 3.0








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