Ezio is Feeling Blue at SDCC '12

Another of NECA's SDCC 2012 exclusives is Eagle Vision Ezio from the Assassin's Creed series. When Ezio uses his Eagle Vision in the games, characters and objects get an identifying color. Blue is for friendly characters, so Ezio has a translucent blue look to represent his friendly dude status, but I think he's just depressed because he's yet another Ezio figure.

NECA has only ever made Altair and Ezio figures in a multitude of repaints and hooded and unhooded versions, even though there are a ton of other great characters in the universe. Unimax's GameStars line of 3&3/4" Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood figures has more characters than just Ezio and has many of the multiplayer assassins. While the GameStars aren't the greatest in quality, I absolutely love the little Doctor and Jester assassin figures. I would love to see a NECA version of the Doctor, or that pirate chick assassin, or just about anyone besides Ezio. While the translucent look is kind of neat, I can't get excited about yet another Ezio figure when that's all that NECA wants to make. Along with the extra hands, it does, however, include an articulated eagle with a perch as an exclusive accessory, so that's something. You can check out a few more photos at NECA.

Why so blue, Ezio? Did your eagle poop on your shoulder?

- Shawn - 6/23/12