F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

-Nintendo (2001)





The futurity of future racing becomes less futuristic.

My Thoughts

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity takes place twenty-five years after the original racers like Captain Falcon hang up their helmets and become but racing legends. It seems that the F-Zero universe follows the same technology rules as the Star Wars universe: technology become worse as time goes on. Like the original Star Wars trilogy, Velocity came out before F-Zero GX. And, like the prequels, the technology in the past of GX is better than it is in the future of Velocity. This doesnít make Velocity a bad game, itís just a little different than what experienced F-Zero vets may be used to.

Velocity gives you four crafts to choose from and six more to unlock. Each one looks cool and has its own unique stats and characteristics. One of the unlockable crafts is a remake of Captain Falconís famous Blue Falcon. Another is one of the most difficult to control crafts in all F-Zero games. Unlike the F-Zero pilots of the past, the new characters actually look like racing pilots and not lame super heroes and villains.

The graphics slightly better than the original F-Zero and many of the track designs are familiar to old F-Zero vets. The sound and music are also good, but limited to the Game Boyís tiny mono speaker.

Everything mostly feels as it should save for one thing: the change in tight cornering. When taking a tight turn in the other games, you would hold down the L or R button and turn with the control stick, maybe letting off the booster to get it just right. In Velocity, that kind of cornering doesnít work. Here you need to continually tap the accelerator in order to make a tight turn. I'm used to it now, but I still don't like it. It takes away from the fast paced flow of the game.

While the altered cornering control in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is a little different than the other F-Zeros, itís still a good game. We can be thankful that this was entirely new and not just a rehash of the original Super NES game, like many GBA releases tend to be.

Score:  7.5


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