Falcon, Banshee, and Halo 1 Master Chief Coming from McFarlane Toys

If you thought the Warthog was the biggest vehicle McFarlane Toys would do for their Halo figures, well they have something bigger coming out. At their booth at Toy Fair 2011, McFarlane Toys had on display the Falcon air transport for the Halo figures. This thing looks like it can comfortably sit a team of Spartans ready for battle. The retail price is expected to be around $100, which makes it the most expensive thing McFarlane Toys has made for any of their action figure lines.

Prepare to make some room for the Falcon.

The Falcon isn't the only new vehicle, though. The Covenant Banshee will also be out for the Halo 5" figures. The Banshee is probably the most recognizable and common covenant craft after the Ghost, so it makes sense that it's next.

There needed to be a figure next to the Banshee so we can get a size comparison.

There will also be two Warthog weapon upgrade packs, each with an exclusive Spartan. If you want your Warthog to be packing Gauss or Rockets all you need to do is buy the pack and switch it out the turret. Thank you, McFarlane Toys, for not making us buy all new Warthogs just for different weapons.

I don't have to buy a brand new Warthog for Gauss or Rockets? Sweet.

Now, for all the Halo fans that felt like something has been missing from McFarlane Toys Halo line since its inception finally get what they've been wanting: a Halo 1 Master Chief figure. McFarlane Toys has done every look of the Chief except for his appearance in the original Halo. I have to say that the figure looks outstanding. It's even all polygonal like the graphics. View more photos at ToyNewsi.

Halo 1 Master Chief is as polygonal as ever.

A much smaller and whiter Falcon prototype.

- Shawn - 2/13/11