Fanime '11 Cosplay

Not only was this my first time at Fanime, but it was also my first time at an anime convention. I expected a lot of cosplay, but I think there was actually more cosplay at Fanime than there was at SDCC, which is surprising because Famine is much, much smaller than SDCC. I also expected to see mostly just anime cosplay, but there was cosplay from all over the place with videogames, comics, movies, pop-culture, and other non-anime properties.

Now, I watch a good amount of anime, but not enough to know who everyone was. I couldn't tell if all the random Lolis were just random Lolis or actual characters. If you happen to know what some of them are, please let me know. As usual, I'm declaring a best dressed female of the con. This time it goes to the sweet Mad Moxxi from Borderlands. Borderlands isn't anime, but it is cel-shaded so it works for me. There were tons of awesome costumes, though. Oddly, there were also a lot of dudes dressed up like girls. I tried to avoid taking photos of them, but there are a few within the gallery below. Enjoy the massive gallery.

- Shawn - 6/12/11

Mad Moxxi was holding a riot in the parking garage.

Tron Sackboy and Sexy Nurse Morrigan. It's almost like four awesome things in one photo.

Two great things about this: Faye Valentine and Spike being lazy.


An unbelievably awesome Ganondorf.

Zero Suit Samus is always a fan-favorite.

Milla Rage's hair is dangerous.

Noel Vermilion forgot her guns.

You need a Morrigan at every con.

Fortunately, I didn't have to serve Juri duty. Maybe that's unfortunately.

Mr. T and Wolverine in Mandalorian armor. Awesome.

Wolverine in Mandalorian armor is my new favorite crossover.

Their Tron costumes "lit-up" if your camera flashed.

This Splicer is full of bloody rage.

Leeloo Dallas is always an excellent choice.

I was tempted to take a piece of candy from No Face, but I didn't want to get devoured myself.

She puts the sass in Assassin.

Professor Layton and the case of Explaining an Anime Body Pillow Purchase to Your Wife and Kid.

Noob Saibot wins.

Scorpion also wins.

Kitana has very big... fans.

Super Bunny Schoolgirl Sexy Squad?

Some card thing. I don't know, but I like it.

Lulu and her Moogle.

What the cat?

Daft Punk are awesome. Also, an incredibly bored Chun Li in the background.

Is this Wonder Woman if she had a crossover with Conan?

Helghast attends Fanime for the glory of Helghan.

This guy makes the perfect Sazh.

These Ice Climbers are fantastic.

Gloomy Bear glooms is up.

Harley Quinn in a skirt.

Holy crap it's Aegis from Persona.

I don't know so I'll give them the team name of Fan and Jug.

Even a jerk like Wesker enjoys ice cream.

Portal girls come in all ages.

The Prince and his Katamari cousins.

No Face and Totoro settle things with air hockey.

Anime conventions: G.I. Joe is there. Unmasked Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Amazonian Baroness, and an awesome Snake Eyes.

Kiddo versus the Crazy 88's.

Of course there's Team Fortress cosplay here. Also, that girl on the left drank a whole jar of pickle juice. Nice work.

They're almost like plush versions of the Evangelion Angels.

Lady Deadpool takes a break to catch up on her reading.

Why hello, Lady Deadpool's friend.

Tifa battles a Shinra soldier.

Cardboard and paper Mega Man and Proto Man turned out pretty good.

Masamune from Sengoku Basara and Dante make a team-up that Capcom should do.

Some more Zelda cosplay for you.

The Cosplay Deviants ladies as some kind of devil girls.

Sorry Domo, it's Kasumi's turn to do the poking.

Is the deviant on the left a slutty Pokemon trainer? The other is Meg from Burst Angel.

The Deviants dressed as Lolis?

Panty and Stocking looking good.

These assassins aren't doing a good enough job of blending in.

Now that's a Raven.

They are quite well-dressed for whoever they are.

I'm going to say Harvest Moon just because that guy looks like a farmer who'll be milking soon.

I don't know, but I like the outfits.

Dan and his weak-ass Kodouken.

Notice the correct red hair on Ms. Croft. Nice.

Ibuki, Sakura, Dudley, and Makoto from Street Fighter III. Or IV.

I should probably watch whatever this is, because Celty here looks damn cool.

Beast takes a break from science.

Two Lolis with long dresses.

Danboard goes shopping.

Bayonetta likes to keep things hairy.

A very excellent Tifa and Aeris.

A vampire Loli tries to charm me with silly heart hands. It takes a little more than that.

 Ryu and Cammy are... watch out there's a No Face behind you!

Prince Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke.

Alex showed his lady friend a bit of the ol' ultra-violence back at the hotel room.

Creeper is creepin'.

That is one ornate sword.

The hosts of the Girl's Guide to Gundam panel as Gundam girls.

Dead Falcon shows me his moves.

Deadmau5's go unce unce unce.

I don't know, but I like it.

Trunks and Frieza need to power-up for an hour. Come back later.

Harley's outfit looks to be easy clean-up.

Dr. Mario has a cure for anime-haters.

Final Fantasy VII will always bring us excellent cosplay.

Why do we have to play as the useless Serah in Final Fantasy XIII-2? Can't we use Snow?

Adventure Time!

Cammy and Chun Li in their younger years.

She looks rather flexible.

Anime beggars.

I want a pair of those pants.

Blinky is staring right at Fox McCloud's crotch.

Even Kakashi is impressed with that Raven.

They are probably characters from something.

These might be sisters from something that I can't remember.

Something seems a little off here with the Final Fantasy XIII ladies.

Celty and two other random characters from an anime I haven't seen.

Something to do with Edgar Allen Poe.

Three schoolgirls fight some kind of evil.

2D Harry Potter characters?

The Silent Hill nurse was a popular costume this year.

 They're everywhere!

White Spartan is in the wrong multiplayer lobby.

Old Snake is done being sneaky for the day.

Hey Tidus, nobody likes blitzball.

A Genome soldier with a !

Yoko from Gurren Lagan is a great costume. Also, some other girl.

Is that Helghast wearing Oakley's?

Bass form Dead or Alive. Cool. I never thought I'd see him cosplayed.

I don't know, but cool outfit.

Fucking hipsters.

Harley, Joker, and some third character.

Vash scours the dealer room with 20 double dollars in his pocket.


I don't know what this has to do with France, but after this photo they started kissing.

The Queen of Hearts has a friend.

Sango, Inuyasha, and some girl that may not be a part of Inuyasha, but is still dressed cool anyways.

Jack Skellington and the Mad Hatter fit in with all these young-uns.

Is she a purple-haired wizard? Will she perform tricks for me?

This Jet Black has the facial hair...

...while this Jet Black has the arm and boots.

Golden Teapot Shower Party Posse?

This is Living Ichigo, a buff cosplayer who probably gets all the cosplay girls.

Raiden can't find Snake anywhere.

Dante forgot his sword.

More vampire Lolis? What is going on around here?

A pirate girl with ninja daggers?

Lara Croft in blue.

 This guy knows the best spot at the arcade.

I haven't seen Soul Eater, but this is some fine cosplay from it.

Staff Girl and Captain Sass.

The Mario Sisters are good at taking care of pipes.

Oogie Boogie scares the children.

She was nice for a dead lady.

Is a full-on Pokemon suit considered to be a furry?

Some other Pokemon?

This has something to do with a contract.

What are these Resident Evil cosplayers looking at?

Chris here puts in half as much effort as Jill with the giant rocket launcher.

I hope this shoots out Monster energy drinks.

Scarecrow and some girl with a massive key blade thing.

Idolmaster singers? And Dora masks? What the hell is going on?

A gathering of cosplayers.

Here's one for you Bleach fans.

Airbenders airbending.

Domino, crazy priest, and someone else. Random.

What are all these butlers for? And why is that kid in the middle not wearing a shirt?

Just lots of anime.

Random Loli?

That is a big orange gun.

Bender is a bad-ass at Fanime.

I'm going to file this under One Piece.

Ju-da Ga-ga.

Captain Red Star? Captain Chesty?

That companion cube is a real companion.

That guy is the perfect Peter Griffin.

The Queen spent her day with us heathens.

Excuse me, sir, but you seem to have an angry dog head for an arm.

Panty and Stocking want to buy some action figures. Or body pillows.

Why does Lady Gaga want to fight me?

I'll just say Idolmaster here.

Apparently the guy on the right is also an assassin.

Rorschach and Deadpool would be a great team-up.

This Big Daddy is still in the prototype phase.

 Sackboy as a Ghostbuster.

Why is Poison Ivy interviewing Scarecrow? When did she get her own show?

Well-dressed Steampunkers.

What the? Black Mages have faces?

Sheva. Where's Chris?

Clone Troopers at an anime convention? Sure, why not.

Stormtroopers are anime now.

 Snow Troopers are also anime.

This is kind of creeping me out a little.

A Power Ranger before he becomes a Power Ranger?

Her Teddy Bear has a gun.

Don't know, don't care.

Sephiroth and one of his clones, right?

Another Spike, flipped-up collar version.

Great Saiyaman and Pyramid Head team-up to fight evil and bang undead legs.

The Yaoi Mario Bros. This is literally the gayest photo I've ever taken.

It would suck to lug around this huge thing all day for your costume.

One of the many guys dressed as a girl.

Black Swan, White Swan?

Join us next time on The Adventures of Top Hat and Mr. Goggles.