Fanime '11: Some Random Things

Here are some random things from Fanime 2011 including some photos from the arcade and more Gundam.

-You could actually see all the cosplayers and get in the convention center to walk around the halls without a badge. You needed a badge to get into the dealer room, arcade, artist alley, panels, video rooms, and whatever other events were going on, but if all you wanted to do was look at and take photos of cosplayers all day, you didn't have to spend a dime. That is pretty cool. A con like SDCC basically requires you to show your badge to get into the convention center.

-There was stuff going on 24 hours a day. No sleep for the anime.

-The program book needed a little work. It told you everything that was going on at the con, but not when everything was. The map at the front showed where things were, but it was up to you to go there to find out when things were. For example, if there was a panel you wanted to attend, you could see on the map where the all the panels were being held, but you had to go there and look on the boards at the doors to find out when the panel was. If the panel you wanted already happened the previous day or happened the next day then you probably wouldn't know unless you visited outside the panel rooms the day of. Everything was listed online, but not everyone has the internets on their phone, so a guide in the program book would be very helpful.

-A friend of mine spent about two hours in line just to get a badge on Saturday. It seemed like there could have been a better way to get people badges. Is all that address information really that necessary? There was basically no line for badges on Sunday. Monday actually had a decent sized badge line, though, which was weird because it was the last day and the con ended at 3:00.

A Hello Kitty Boba Fett t-shirt spotted in the dealer room.

The lone arcade shooter at Fanime: Strikers 1945.

the greatest puzzle game of all time: super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.

-Apparently I can attend a convention without spending any money. There was stuff I wanted, but I didn't really feel like paying the asking prices. That's a first. It's good though, because I need to save all my cash for SDCC.

-The arcade was pretty cool. I saw a couple arcade games that I thought I'd never see in the U.S. There were also home console stations set up and tournaments for old games.

-Also in the arcade area was a place for tabletop gaming. It looked like you could check out a board game from a massive selection and just sit at table to play. It seems kind of weird to me that you would go to a con just to play a board game, but maybe it's a way to meet people?

There's a sign, but I don't see any women near these fighting games.

Some of the old home consoles you could play.

No love for Terminator, I see.

DDR machines to get some exercise at the con.

-What the hell is this slapping game people are playing? It wasn't an arcade game; people would just pose and try to slap the other person for some reason.

-Why were there so many dudes dressed like girls? Seriously. It was weird.

-Want to see more photos of Gundam models from the Bluefin booth? Of course you do!

This Gouf custom has a mini gun on his shield.

I think my friend said it best: "He's so tough his balls have sabers."

Again we have the great 4 foot tall Gundam.

Now this is a bad-ass custom.

A purple Zaku with extra super armor? Fantastic.

Beginning Gundam has three beam sabers coming from his hand? Awesome!

This rotaoing display had three Gundam Wing gundams. Here's Wing Zero.

you must defeat Shenlong to stand a chance.

Lastly, the always cool Death Scythe.

-More Gundam stuff in the Girl's Guide to Gundam panel.

- Shawn - 6/14/11