Fanime '12 Arcade

One of the many cool things Fanime has is the arcade. It's not just limited to arcade games, though. There's an arcade area, a board game area with a massive stack of board games, photo booths, crane games, and lots of TVs set up with home consoles with classic games, newer games, and tournaments. There was also a section for whatever that "pose and slap someone's hand" game is. I saw this at last year's Fanime and didn't know what it was, and I still don't know what the hell it is. Some of the arcade cabinets were ones that you normally wouldn't see outside of Japan. The best thing about the arcade is catching cosplayers playing the game they're from, or something similar that that would suit their character.

The arcade was great place to relax, meet people to play against, and spend some quarters. Also, it was open 24 hours a day so you could game all day every day if you had absolutely nothing else to do, which would be a little weird. Check out photos and enjoy a very, very small taste of the cosplay going on. My cosplay gallery will be coming up in a bit, so stay frosty.

This year's lone shooter cabinet is Strikers 1945 III, the sequel to last year's Strikers 1945 II. Consistency.

I got the day's high score! The next day someone beat mine, but at least I had it for a day.

Battle Balls? BATTLE BALLS?! Awesome.

No love for Terminator again! It's not even turned on! It was on the next day, but still didn't get much love.

Of course T. Hawk is playing as T. Hawk.

Chun Li is not playing as Chin Li.

Team Fortress Sniper playing Silent Scope works wonders.

Contemplation. Will Dinosaur Pajama Guy do some fancy lifting?

Pedobear made a friend on the DDR machine.

A fat CRT on the side for some import Saturn shooter action? That man is having an unbelievable time, friends.

It was good to see that Akai Katana got a spot. I believe the other game is one of the Senko no Ronde titles.

Some classic gaming and the big mystery tent. What's in there?

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 is for serious drifters only.

- Shawn - 6/6/12