Fanime '12 Cosplay

There was so much cosplay at Fanime this year. Last year's cosplay gallery was huge, but this one is even bigger. There were a lot of fantastic costumes this year. The work put into some of these costumes is staggering. Some of the best were the Warhammer 40K Space Marine, the dude in the Zaku, and a group of awesome Mortal Kombat cosplayers. For best girl I'll go with Commander Shepard. There were two, but I can't decide which one I like more. The most original costumes were the girl in the Amaterasu costume and Pyramid Head Sailor Moon. Oh, and Celty on a tiny motorcycle makes for some hilarity. Unfortunately, there were a lot of costumes that I didn't know what they were, so if you know what they are, please let me know. As always, click the pics to make them big.

- Shawn - 6/17/12

This is Commander Shepard's favorite cosplay of Fanime.

Or is this her favorite cosplay of Fanime? This Fem-Shep has a sweet Omni-Blade, so maybe this one?

Yes, her High School of the Dead costume had some fan-service.

Amy just malleted the hell out of Sonic and Shadow.

Her Amaterasu costume was one of the most original, and he was giving me the boyfriend eyes.

This Celty on a tiny motorcycle was hilarious.

Yoko from Gurren Lagan and Travis from No More Heroes are a rather fantastic couple.

Nathan Drake and a Helghast are just hanging out.

This Celty was 7 feet tall, if not more. And it is a different Celty than the tiny motorcycle one.

If Bleach was more like this I might watch it.

An awesome Izanagi from Persona.

It's that same amazing Ganon from last year. I think in the same pose, too.

Big Sister BioShock and... Red Dead Redemption dude?

And there's a Splicer.

Laharl from Disgaea is happy to kill you.

Harley Quinn as a schoolgirl? Genius.

Poison Ivy is hot standing out in the sun... and is that a Yoko in the background? Let's zoom in a bit...

...yep, that's definitely Yoko.

Ryuk will dance for an apple.

L got a phone call right before I took the photo and he stayed in character. Nice job, L.

An L with that awesome mask and Misa.

What exactly is Fooly Cooly?

Fooly Cooly! Fooly Cooly!

The Death Note from Death Note.


Catherine! And Katherine!

Catherine and Vincent.

Some purple cat girl I don't know, but I like it.

Isaac from Dead Space has the best weapon ever.

Props to this guy for going as Evil Vincent.

Pyramid Head Sailor Moon; the best crossover cosplay ever.

You can't have a convention without some Silent Hill Nurses.

Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, and Snake Eyes, I think the same ones as last year.

Black Rock Shooter's gun is bigger than she is.

Black Rock Shooter has the I'm-gonna-blast-you eyes.


An awesome Vivi and White Mage.

Chocolina was there to do the business.

Now for some FFVIII love: Selphie, Rinoa, and Zell.

That is a fantastic Fang and Rikku.

Cid from FFVII will smoke anywhere.

Another great Fang.

Lightning just wants to buy some anime pillows in peace!

I knew this was a bad sunlight spot.

Cloud gets all fancy in Kingdom Hearts.

An excellent Sephiroth and Terra Bradford.

Snow was ready for deals.

Yuna and smiley suit guy.

FFX's Yuna and a friend.

Here's a couple killer Gatchaman cosplayers.

One of those mysterious hooded dudes in Kingdom Hearts.

I have no idea, but nice.

This statue guy was amazing. He's from Dr. Who, right?

A curvy-armored Mandalorian for you.

Jill needs help getting something off her chest.

I don't know why Jill is trying to get people to stop. No one is stopping.

Sheva is back.

Resident Evil 5's Executioner has a giant axe.

Hunk is still trying to find a way out.

BB Hood and blue girl.

The epic Warhammer 40K Space Marine.

Oh wait, it's just a guy in a cowboy hat.

This Xenoblade cosplay is some great thinking by this guy.

Major Maxim from Danger Girl.

A Putty!

Strider is here to slice and dice.

This Zaku cosplay is awesome.

I had to take a few shots.

And now a shot by the plush animals.

Female Char? With a Zeon Haro? Awesome.

Amuro and Haro check out the Bluefin booth.

Frau and Four form Gundam.

Mileena loves noming on that banana Laffy Taffy.

Reptile and Scorpion... and Kitana's spine.

Rita Repulsa, Johnny cage and Ermac. Now there's a crossover.

I don't like One Piece, but that's some great One Piece cosplay.

Monster Hunter's Kirin.

Psylocke and Sindel.

Ghost in the Shell's Motoko Kusanagi was shopping for some new action figures.

Professor Genki wants you to suck it.

Panty form Panty and Stoking.

This Portal girl has those jumpy leg things.

This Portal Girl has an artificial friend.

This Portal Girl is pointing her gun at the camera.

Frank west wants to clear out the Fanime zombies.

A pterodactyl! Is this a character from something?

This Portal Girl is killing her Companion Cube.

Cammy shows off her assets.

One of many Chin Li cosplayers at Fanime. This one was probably the best, though.

Guile from Street Fighter: The Movie is the greatest.

Hentai Chun Li take our eyes off her thighs.

Ha ha, she thought that was funny.

Valentine from Skullgirls and another Chun Li.

Ken is super tall next to Sakura.

Another Chun Li and Guy.

Cody in his silly prison outfit and T. Hawk was actually really tall.

The best Transformers costumes I've ever seen. I'm being sincere here, these are fantastic ideas.

Generation 1 Arcee.

These must be a Ryu at every convention.

Lady Deadpool Maid is back, this time shooting a plush Spider-Man.

The awesome Wolverine Mandalorian is also back.

"So did G1 Arcee say anything about me?"

Black Widow prowls the artist alley.

This Black Widow has more unzipped than Scarlett Johansson did in The Avengers.

Jubilee was not a vampire. Also Logan was out of beer.

Don't worry, they're doctors.

Wolverine in X-Force attire is here for some black ops mission.

That's a Thor.

A full on profile of the always awesome Alien cosplayer.

The Cowboy Bebop crew with two Jet Blacks. Only one has Ein, though.

It looks like She-Hulk is winning this butt contest against Barnaby and Nightwing.

So which of these Castle Crashers gets to kiss the Clown Princess?

Another shot of Black Rock Shooter and her giant cannon.

Dead or Alive girls are ready to kick some butt.

All female Batman characters and a male Harley Quinn.

Some classic Batman characters.

I wonder why Mickey isn't at this Disney Princess party.

Ganon, the King of Hyrule and something else form Zelda I can't remember off hand.

Lightning is getting her business into FFVIII. Also, props to Squall for not being traditional Squall.

Nobody want to play blitzball, Waka.

Making the Journey at Fanime.

Two generations of Power Rangers meet to discuss whose show was sillier.

The paramedics were there to help Johnny cage, but they were too late. Also, that is a lot of awesome Mortal Kombat cosplay going on.

Kitana Vs Jade. One of them will fall over the railing.

Out of the way! The Mario commandos have to find Bowser... and shoot him.

Bowser's close, they can feel it.

A meeting of Marvel. Also Strider is in there.

Rurouni Kenshin Vs. Naruto.

It's a Super Smash Bros. brawl.

Some knights fighting some dragons.

They're Disney, but they can also be Kingdom Hearts.

And here's the obvious Kingdom hearts side.

Classic Solid Snake is going to take out the Hind D.

Once again, the best Old Snake cosplayer snuck into the convention...

...and of course he brought his wife with him.

Quorra can't be without Flynn for a second.

Moltar. Awesome.

Joker Ronald McDonald? Terrifying.

Lupin is here to score some loot and some chicks.

Marty McFly is almost out of time to get to the maid cafe.

Blue Castle Crasher got lost from the rest of the crew.

Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny heroically rides the escalator for justice.

Blue Rose and Origami Cycle from Tiger & Bunny make for some fantastic cosplay.

Another Kotetsu.


I know I've seen this somewhere, just can't think of where.

Barnaby and yet another Kotetsu. Man, Kotetsu is really popular for cosplay.

This Pokemon trainer caught himself a busty Pikachu.

James and Nurse Joy want to steal, than medicate your Pokemon.

When the evil Shredder attacks...

Sailor Saturn was proud of her pose.

Sailor Jupiter is scouting

Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon and Lili from Tekken actually makes a good couple.

Tinkerbell and one of her tinker friends.

Another Tinkerbell and possibly Rapunzel form some other Disney-esque movie.

Tank Girl is unmistakably Tank Girl.

I've found them!


Phoenix Wright has a sign for dealer's high prices on cool stuff.

These Mario twins has moustaches and shrooms.

These Mario Twins just have a friend.

The Queen of All cosmos is taking a little time off from the universe.

Is this from Minecraft? yeah, I still haven't played that game.

This guy looks like someone I've seen when flipping through channels.

I don't know what knightly show they're from, but they look cool.

Interesting tail...

My flash overpowered Lady Vader's cleavage, so sorry about that, fellas.

I don't know, so Ill just say Karnov.

Hi there, Minnie Mouse. Where's Mickey?

Oh no Mickey's getting with all the other Disney princesses.

The awesome Alien cosplayer was at Fanime this year.

This could be the best Vash Cosplay I've seen.

Nicholas Wolfwood lugs around a giant cross filled with guns.

This Vash cosplay is also pretty good.

It doesn't look like Pedobear, so the hug is okay.

Half of Daft Punk.

Black Gloomy Bear is so gloomy.

When the most Interesting Man in the World meets Danboard.

Deadmau5 is going to rocket into space.

There are also Shy Girls.

I should know this.

I wonder if Brave's hair is all real.

Ursula isn't under the sea anymore.

Batman Beyond isn't hard to spot with his bright red logo.

Fanime has a bat problem.

Lady Gaga and Lady Nightwing stand defiantly in front of the body pillows.

Some rather excellent Android 16 and 17 cosplay from Dragon Ball Z.

Another Android made a couple friends.

Gohan is going Super Saiyan.

Vegeta whipped out the glowy ball.

Krillin and Goku.

A group of Rurouni Kenshin cosplayers.

Master Chief needs someone to cover him... and die so he can save the galaxy.

Alex Mercer from Prototype.

There's Master Chief.

Hunting for bargains...

...but now it's time for a tea party.

That one chick form Hunger games.

Kasumi form Dead or Alive.

Valkyria Chronicles? Cool, if it is.

That burger looks delicious.

Dan tries to hold off Guy with a photo of himself.

Juri is about to kick someone in the face.

I've seen these Sengoku Basara cosplayers before, but they never cease to be impressive.

Got to get that fist bump photo shoot.

Lili and Steve Fox from Tekken with a friend.

Sunflower Squad?

"Sir! What is it? It's so gloomy!"

"Don't get too close. It could gloom us."

'This isn't the gloom we're looking for."

I think I would be sad with myself if I knew what this was.

The possibly Valkyria Chronicles cosplayers had some awesome tanks with them.

They could drive the tanks around, too.

This is how much bigger than Space Marine is than regular Stormtroopers.

People still play Yu-Gi-Oh?

A Panty and Stoking battle?

Someone is getting smothered here.

Don't know, but they're colorful.

And now just the Stockings.

Do these things have any relation to one another?

That anime.


More posing!

More random anime.

Hatsune Miku is a popular getup.

I'd say he's the most dapper at Fanime.

I don't know, but it's awesome.

Kind of creepy.

That's not an outfit for Winter.

There were a lot of people with orange horns. What is this orange horn show?

Nice... spear.

Well dressed pirates?


Her staff reminds me of Soul Calibur.

Yep, don't know.

Almost like a prototype Iron Man, but anime-ier.

That's a big gun.

Choking another one. Whoops.

Like mother like daughter.

At least one of these is Hatsune Miku.

Almost like Chocolina, but not as Chocolina-y.

Characters form something I don't watch.

Swords, daggers, and spikes. This is one dangerous lady.

More orange-horned peoples.

It's hammer time?

An angel of some kind.

I am not familiar with this boob tape character, but I will get right on that.

Girls doing girl stuff.

All American cosplaying here.

Her staff looks like it would be it's own character.

Pink-haired samurai girl.

This look familiar, too.

Oogie Boogie is here for the children.

Detective Gas Mask found a clue at the arcade.

Dante and his buddy.

This guy makes an excellent Doctor.

Is this another Doctor?

This is another doctor.

These girls were trying to get their wings to work.

Another Black Widow and friends.

I'll leave you with this, the creepiest thing at Fanime. Happy nightmares, all.