Fanime '14: Most Hilarious Bootlegs Panel

We've seen some great bootlegs in person or online before, but there are many bootlegs that we don't know exist. I had my doubts that I would even get into the Most Hilarious Bootlegs panel. The line was already super long when I got to it over 30 minutes before it would start. I hadn't been to this panel in previous years, so maybe all these other fans knew that this was a good panel to attend. I stuck it out and was one of the last few people let in. There were absolutely no empty seats, so this panel had be good if it was completely full.

Let's start with a few fantastic bootlegs: A red Sonic on a bus, Gengar as a dog toy, and a PlayStation-looking system with a cartridge slot.

Mighty Car is a terrifying A-Team bootleg, but a gestalt Thomas the Tank Engine would be cool for some people.

The moderator showed us lots of slides of bootleg merchandise along with a few videos of bootleg anime and videogames. There was also a bootleg action figure in its box making the rounds in the crowd so we could see first hand how legit a bootleg could look. If I remember correctly, it was an Attack on Titan figure and it looked like a official release.

Sure, you could look online for all this bootleg merchandise, but you may not know to looks for it or know what to look for, so it's great that there was this panel. A lot of these bootlegs were pretty funny and the crowd erupted in laughter at some of them. Check them out below and click the photos to make them bigger to see how hilarious some of these actually are.

Wow. Just wow.

That Chrono Trigger packaging actually looks really good. And a Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Power Ranger, a Cars car, and Shrek team-up?

These Ninja Turtles look a little... different. Also bootleg ponies.

Bootleg versions of your favorite anime and Fist of the North Star with some interesting dialog.

There is sure to be even more Sailor Moon bootlegs with Sailor Moon Crystal starting.

Hatsune Miku bootlegs.

That Goku is freakish and who the hell are all those other Dragon Ball Z characters in the 4-pack?

Not quite the games you remember.

Beavis and Butthead as random anime girls and look at all the ridiculous guest stars in Mario. It's wonderful!

Chip & Dale have really changed.

A GTA with Sonic, Mario, and Sponge Bob could be pretty epic. Besides having Mitsurugi on the cover, the HBO Boxing fighting game features characters like Goku from DBZ and Joden (Michael Jordan).

A guy in the front row actually had this exact bag. The moderator called him out and he held it up for everyone to see and laugh.

The special Pokemon of bootlegs and a Harry Potter Obama Sonic backpack that defies logic.

We were shown bootleg anime clips of character bootlegs of Gundam's Amuro and Char in some bizarre movie.

I have actually seen bootleg anime DVDs sold at Wal-Mart. Space Thunder Kids and Beauty & Warrior being two of them.

Space Gan Dam and yellow-suited Batman are pretty obvious bootlegs, although Kenner's run on Batman figures may have produced something similar.

 - Shawn - 7/5/14