Fanime '14: Some Random Things

It is time once again for a bunch of random things from Fanime 2014.

-The Fanime website promised no more "line-con," which is standing in line for hours on end. With construction at the convention center finally completed, there was a new spot for registration where fans weren't standing out in the hot sun for hours. The way to purchase tickets was done really well this year because people weren't waiting in line for hours to get tickets. I was with a ticket buyers on Saturday and Sunday and they were just able to walk right in to get a ticket and walk out. It was pretty good. However, while there wasn't line-con for tickets, there was line-con at other events.

It's time for the yearly photo of Strikers 1945 III.

I don't think many sold, but it was great to see all these Zoids models.

The best price tag at Fanime.

-The Swap Meet was in a new place again this year, but it was not a good location and resulted in line-con. Last year it was in a huge hall, so there was tons of room for people to move around and browse the stuff others were selling on the floor. This year the Swap Meet was in the Civic Auditorium, a separate building, but it was a pretty small room for the number of people wanting to get in. There was not enough space for everyone to go into the hall, so everyone had to wait in line for hours until previous attendees exited. I waited in line for two hours just to get into the Swap Meet. There was still some decent things left, but it was not fun. Hopefully next year the Swap Meet will be in a better area. I would even be okay with the Swap Meet being in the big blue tent. At least there would be enough room for everyone.

--The construction to the convention center was completed which gave lots of extra room. The Artist Alley was in the new hall and while it felt a little cramped at times, it was a much better location than the big blue tent from last year.

-As always, you could walk around the hallways to see the awesome cosplayers without a badge. You just needed a badge to enter the Dealers Hall, Gaming Hall, Artist Alley, and Swap Meet.

-It seemed like there were more Zoids models in the Dealers Hall than previous years, which is good.

-There were deals to be had even on the first day of the convention. A booth had some figures and statues for 80% off. The boxes weren't in the best condition, but the figures looked perfectly fine. This guy was understandably sold out of those figures and statues by the next day.

-There were a few cool things at the Viz Media Panel. Princess Mononoke: The First Story features early watercolor concepts for Princess Mononoke a shows us Miyazaki's early ideas for what eventually became a part of other movies. There wasn't any new announcements regarding Ranma 1/2 Blu-rays or Sailor Moon; they just repeated what was just announced at an earlier anime convention.

Two upcoming Princess Mononoke books.

Some early concepts in Princess Mononoke: The First Story. Hey, that looks like Totoro.

With these Blu-ray sets, I've been watching Ranma 1/2 for the first time ever.

This is going to turn into a lot of Sailor Moon box sets.

-There was a bouncy castle with a shark on it and another with dolphins. I never saw anyone in them, but they were there.

-I wish other conventions had the almighty Pocket Guide. It lists the panels, autographs, locations for some events, and all sorts of stuff. And it fits in your pocket.

-I watched a few people try their hand at the machines where they had to get a key exactly through a slot to push out a voucher for a Nintendo 3DS or Xbox One. One guy was always just a hair off and eventually gave up. I think he spent over $20 just trying, though.

-I was going to go to more panels, but the lines were already super long by the time I got to the rooms. This year the panels were being held in hotel meeting rooms. and some of them looked pretty small. I looked into a panel room and noticed it was small. walked down the line for it which went all the way down the hallway and around the corner. There was no way all those people were going to fit into that room.

-There was a DeLorean parked outside one of the hotels after I came out of not attending a panel. It belonged to brony. Bronies can have cool things, too.

-The Steampunk convention, Clockwork Alchemy was in a different location this year. Previous years it was happening right alongside Fanime in the convention center and surrounding hotels, so there would also be lots of Steampunk cosplayers at the show. This year, however, Clockwork Alchemy was in a completely separate location, not really within walking distance either. I guess with Fanime getting so much bigger some sacrifices have to be made to accommodate its expansion.

-I met a guy for whom those "How to Handle Creepers" cosplay panels are made for. Super creepy.

A small portion of things to buy.

More Zoids! Fantastic.

More things to buy.

You want the bustiest statue at Fanime? That Queen's Blade Inquisitor might do the trick.

A Kirby for every mission.

Happy Castle has a three pronged claw.

Possibly the most expensive thing on the dealers hall.


A couple cool Panda Va. Godzilla and Panda Ringu shirts.

Get your dance on in the Gaming Hall.

There were tons of board games if you got bored with everything else.

Two-pronged claw machines are the worst.

A random DeLorean sighting. It looked to be in amazing condition.

The DeLorean is owned by a brony, Well don't that just beat all.

- Shawn - 7/20/14

Photos by Shawn and Heidi.