Fanime '15: Cosplay

I've already posted a lot of cosplay, but there is still a ton more. This is all the cosplay I saw at Fanime except for Danganronpa, Borderlands, and Nintendo/Super Smash Bros. If you want to see those, you'll have to go to their own posts, since none of them will be in this one. Like all years, there was a bazillion cosplayers with lots of great costumes. Some highlights are all the Space Dandys and their wacky adventures, classic Shredder and April O'Neil, Dig Dug was back again this year, Lady Dante, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac Man, Far Cry 4's Pagan Min, Morrigan, Felicia, and Lillith, and Elfen Lief, even though I hated the anime. Best female this year is classic action figure Angela. Such an amazing costume. It's basically like an old action figure came to life. I'll just give Angela and her ol' pal Spawn. And maybe Groot. And maybe Shredder and April because there were too many amazing costumes.

- Shawn - 7/5/15

Action figure accurate Angela and Spawn costumes.

Space Dandy won't stop hitting on Boobies girls.

This amazing Lady Dante has some stylish combos.

I am Groot.

Space Dandy getting with the Final Fantasy ladies.

Dig Dug is back for stage 2.

Another of Spawn and Angela because they're just so awesome.

This Space Dandy was asking where he could find Boobies. Everywhere, man.

Lili dressed for fighting success.

A perfect classic Shredder and April.

Space Dandy is on another crazy adventure.

I don't like the Elfen Lied anime, but her costume is amazing.

Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man get fancy at Fanime.

Uh oh, Ms. Pac-Man found herself a new man.

M. Bison has a different kind of psycho power.

Daenerys and a growing Drogon!

SD Gundam are the best.

Bobateer? Rockefett?

The Amazing Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man.

Taken just before Sonic spun off.

Remember when Ermac was a ninja? This guy does.

I don't know if she's a character, but she had dozens of paper cranes on her unbrella. Impressive.

I think I need to get closer to nature.

Catwoman and a timid Harley Quinn.

Two Katamari cousins wander about.

Pagan Min has an offer for you.

Another Lady Dante. This is a good trend.

This looks like it's from something I should be watching. Or playing.

Who is this rabbit in a top hat and overcoat?

Korosensei from Assassination Classroom is bringing the death.

Big Daddy can't seem to find any Little Sisters this year.

A magical girl from something magical.

 Scarlet Witch wants to put strings on you.

Morrigan and alt color Felicia. Mrrrow!

Mr. Morrigan and Lillith.

All the Darkstalkers ladies together.

Are Murloc mounts new?

Murloc noises, Murloc noises.

The ultimate where are they couple.

This Minion made a friend.

Stalker and Gung Ho didn't have to worry about Cobra this year.

Break Man is alone because Mega Man went to the Super Smash Bros. gathering.

Dan tries to prove why he thinks he's awesome.

A real version of Play Arts Kai Supergirl looks pretty good.

Star-Lord. Finally.

Monster Hunter?

Deadpool is bananas for Harley.


Black Rock Shooter is going out for some shooting.

Classic Carnage want to slice up anybody.

Spider-Kid just found the next criminal to beat down.

I don't know what she's from.

Dredd isn't as frowny today as usual.

Ducks with chainsaws and guns?

Totoro and Cat Bus ladies.

Porco Rosso wants to get back up in the sky.

Wookies like Converse.

Spirited Away group with a Haku dog.

Howl's Moving Castle crew.

Castle in the Sky.

All these Kikis. And a cat.

I'm so happy that she's dressed as Nyotengu. Plus a rad Bass as a bonus.

The Princess Mononoke's are about to get serious.

This are happening in the Dragon Ball Z group.

No time for Dragon Balls, it's time to pose.

Fallout in the Fanime wasteland.

The Monarch's henchmen got turned around somewhere.

I should do more air bending.

Gundam group without Gundams!

The King of all Cosmos and all the Katamari cousins.

Hotline Miami crew is about to get brutal.

Red Hood meets Daft Punk.

Rilakkumas just can't relax.

Greymon likes to eat babies.

Greymon Vs. those young X-Men.

Is this a League of Legends things?

Is this another League of legends thing?

Miguel's Ginn custom from Gundam Seed is an amazing piece of work.

Gambit has a selfie stick as his staff. Sigh.

Then Top Hat Deadpool came along.

I don't know what's going on with this guy.

Ginn and Spider-Man started off as pals...

...but then they got into a disagreement. And Rorschach farted on them for some reason.

It's that sack person from the movie with the Coheed and Cambria music.

Is this a Monster Hunter Felyne in a costume?

Another Dan to prove his worth.

Your yearly Teebo photo.

Praise the sun!

Baymax is here to help.

Jedi Deadpool has his own force.

Two spearmen enter....

...on spearman leaves.

Dragon-mech thing!

Don't know, but the skull brain guy looks cool.

Surrounded by humans. Harrumph.

Also not sure on this one, but great costume.

Scorpion looks a little more inflated than usual.

Fright Night at Freddy's or Friday Night at Freddy's?

Dante wants you to come with him for some pizza.

King Disco Kong just can't stop dancing.

End your day with an inappropriate hug.

Photos by Heidi.