Fanime '15: Danganronpa Cosplay

Danganronpa is becoming a top notch series to cosplay. At Fanime this year almost all the characters from the games were represented. There were a few notable absences, such as Mondo, Hifume, and Leon, but nearly everyone else showed up. I saw some Danganronpa cosplayers out wandering the dealers room and Fanime hallways, but most of them were at the gathering. Some cosplayers left during the gathering so you may see certain characters in some shots but not others.

 Be warned, there are spoilers within some of the photos, so be careful when checking out the antics below. Let the ultimate despair begin!

- Shawn - 6/7/15

This Junko is like, "Whatever, you bore me, useless cretin."

This Junko is like, "I have a secret weapon with me... the sixteenth student!"

This Junko is like, "Totally going to show you, like, how much despair you can't handle. Like, totally."

This Junko is like, "That's right, who's the Ultimate Despair? I am! Awww yeah!"

Nagito is getting the crazies again while Kazuichi makes good use of his tongue now and later.

Ibuki is has that ultimate musician style and Kazuichi's teeth are perfectly pointy.

Spoilers? Spoilers.

Oh crap, much spoilers!

Any spoilers here? Maybe. There certainly are in the photos above.

These Junkos are like, "Do you even pose?"


Monokuma and Monomi everywhere. Upuupupuupupupu!

Call the offices of Byakuya, Byakuya, Byakuya, and Byakuya.

Toko is so excited. So many masters!

Take a card from Celeste, or she'll rip you a new one you ignorant swine!

Sonia is a tough princess, but sad because spoilers.

The Ultimate Yakuza and Ultimate Swordswoman are an ultimate pairing.

Uh, what the heck is going on with Hajime and Nagito?

Things have calmed down a little now that Chiaki brought her videogames.

Makoto and Byakuya are best buds now. Maybe.

Things are about to get intense between Akane and Nekomaru.


Kiyotaka stands up to urban camo Monokuma.

Celeste has had enough of him!

These Junkos are like, "All you Monokumas are belong to us."

Innocent game time. Or is it? Hmmm.

Nekomaru can carry all the Gundhams.

Victory for Nekomaru and Gundhams everywhere.

Nekomaru forces everyone to do push-ups.

"This is how you do push-ups!"

I don't know what' the heck is going on here.

These four are accusing you of not making it to the gathering.

Photos by Heidi.