Fanime '15: Gunpla Builders World Cup

This year, Fanime was one of the stopping points for the Gunpla Builders World Cup. All the San Jose regional entries were on display at the Bluefin booth. There were over twenty entries for Fanime, which I don't know if that's a lot or not, but it was plenty to fill two display cases. The custom Gunpla were a range of familiar mobile suits with added detail and weathering, dioramas, and original mobile suits. There were also mobile suits based off characters from other properties like Link and Epona from The Legend of Zelda, Nemesis Prime of Transformers, and Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z. All of these entries were extremely well done and way better than I could do for Gunpla building.

There were three winners for this region of Best Large Scale, Best Small Scale, and Best in Show. Best Small Scale was the RX-79 Ground diorama. The Best Large Scale was the Gundam X, and Best of Show was the Zeon Outpost. Heng Wang, builder of the Zeon Outpost was the winner of the San Jose Regional Competition and will see his diorama compete for the top in the U.S. He did make a very detailed and awesome diorama, so I wish him luck in the finals.

The Gunpla Builders World Cup should be back at Fanime next year, so if you want to enter get your Gundam kit ideas going now because you're up against a lot of talented fans. Check out all the entries, with the winners at the end.

- Shawn - 6/13/15

The medals that were given to the three winners.

Effect parts enhance the look of Vanishing Gundam.

Nemesis Prime as a Mobile Suit. It works.

Link and Epona Gundam.

This would be a  fine addition to Dynasty Warriors Gundam or even Hyrule Warriors.

A Majin Buu Mobile Suit named Qu-Buu-ley.

A Mobile Suit with all the extras...

...called Thrones Judgment.

Delta Shiki Prototype.

I heard that the builder for the Spectrum Unicorn Gundam had to use a few Exia parts...

...and that he hates the Exia. Cool Gundam, though.

A patchwork of parts brings the Patchwork mobile suit.

The RX-79 diorama was Best Small Scale winner.

The Best Large Scale, Gundam X.

A Gelgoog upgraded to Royal Guard status.

The awesome Zeon outpost won Best in Show. I wonder how it'll do against the other U.S. winners.

The winners holding their prizes of more Gunpla kits. From left to right: Best Large Scale, Best in Show, and Best Small Scale. Congrats!

Photos by Heidi.