Fanime '15: Nintendo and Super Smash Bros. Cosplay

There's never a shortage of Nintendo cosplayers at Fanime, be it alternate versions of Mario, Zelda and Links galore, or something. There was a Super Smash Bros. cosplay gathering and while they are all Smash characters, they are all just originally Nintendo characters. I would hate for classic Nintendo characters to be known only as Smash characters, so I'm lumping them in with the Nintendo cosplayers, because they're all Nintendo cosplayers. So, here are all the Nintendo characters I saw at Fanime this year. And yes, most of them gathered because of Super Smash Bros. Other videogame characters will be in the upcoming larger cosplay photo post.

- Shawn - 6/17/15

Wii Fit Trainer is fit.

Retro with modern Samus is the best team-up.

Falco was on a solo mission.

It's the final lap on the escalator!

Midna give thumbs up for making friends.

Fox was too busy shooting to do barrel rolls.

Luigi and Peach have been through hell and back.

Zero Suit Samus hangs out by the artists.

Ghirahim so tired of all these super smashes.

I wonder if he has the Ness Amiibo.

Master Hand stage and a Mii fighter.

Shulk shulking up.

Ice Climbers! Yeah!

Mega Man is looking a lot softer than usual.

Kirby, Kirby, and Dedede got some mean sucking power.

Some Pokeymans.

Very awesome Zelda Cosplay.

I'll leave you with this terrifying image... Muscle Diglett Centipede thing.

Photos by Heidi.