Fighter & Attacker

-Namco (1992)



The Story

A sinister dictator with a snide fashion sense has invaded neighboring nations in the Middle East. The US, Japan, France, United Kingdom, and Sweden have assembled a squadron of fighters to combat the dictatorís forces. Their primary objective is to eliminate the cruel war monger. Their secondary objective is to rescue as many captured GI's and foreign diplomats trapped inside tanks, buildings, and oil canisters.    


My Thoughts

Namcoís Fighter & Attacker has something that many shooters donít have: a wide selection of jets to choose from. There is a total of sixteen fighters and attackers to choose from, most of them hailing from the USA. The planes are grouped according to their weapons. There are six categories consisting of 6-way, 5-wave, straight, semi-auto, auto, and full auto. The stealth fighter is the only jet in the full-auto category and is the only one where you wonít have to constantly tap the fire button to shoot. If you donít want to keep hitting the fire button, the stealth is the way to go. Each plane also has an attack for ground based targets. These range from lasers to napalm. The large variety of jets is nice, but after piloting the stealth you wonít want to use any of the others. The game is much easier with the stealth so why bother making it more difficult when you donít need to.

There are no power-ups in the game, which sucks if youíre using a jet that requires continuous tapping of fire button. There are eight stages, but you donít have to defeat the boss of each stage to progress. The enemies are normal military vehicles and the bosses are all standard aircraft carriers, cargo planes, and big bombers. When you reach the evil dictator he runs in fear in his plum-colored helicopter. The best boss in this game is the giant cargo plane. It doesnít flash when you shoot it, but is keeps getting slightly more damaged the more you shoot it. It makes the battle feel a little more realistic.  

The multi-tiered backgrounds are a nice addition as enemy planes and tanks will come out of thick foliage and jets will almost disappear under clouds. While bombing tanks and buildings you'll uncover captured soldiers and men in suits. It is very strange that there are men in suits trapped in oil canister. Overall, Fighter & Attacker is a decent game, but nothing spectacular in the military shooter world.

Score: 6.5     








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