First 4 Figures' Metroid Prime Gunship Arrives with LEDs

First 4 Figures have debuted the next ship in their Metroid gunship series, Samus' ship from Metroid Prime. Their first Metroid gunship piece was the one from Metroid Prime 2 which certainly looked cool from the photos, but wasn't something I would consider dropping $300 on. While I also won't drop $300 on this new ship, it actually looks like it's worth the hefty price this time. It appears to be way more detailed than the Prime 2 ship and has a lot more going on with the panels, intakes, antennas, gun batteries, and canopy. Plus check out all those sexy LEDs! The first gunship has LED lights, but this one just looks way more impressive with the gun batteries and panels also lighting up with the canopy and thrusters. I could stare at this thing in the dark for hours.

It's available for pre-order and should be out in Q2 of 2011. It measures 12" long and is very limited at only 750 pieces. I really like the gunships from the Metroid series and would love a more affordable way to buy them. If First 4 Figures or someone even made them in the smaller gashapon size like the Shooting Game Historica ships it would be just fine, as long as it was just as detailed. They did a box set of small Sonic the Hedgehog figures, so how about one for Metroid gunships? Check out a ton more photos at First 4 Figures and tempt dropping $300 on this beauty.

The Metroid Prime gunship in glorious LED.

- Shawn - 10/1/10