First Look at ODST Figure and Mongoose in VISR Mode

I've been holding onto this image for a few days now, hoping that would update with a clearer image as part of one of their usual Friday updates, but no dice. Back in December, McFarlane Toys announced a Brute figure in VISR mode as part of the Halo Series 8 assortment. I wondered how it would look, but now an image of an ODST figure with a Mongoose, both in VISR Mode, has surfaced, and I think it should be easy to imagine what that Brute will look like. It seems I was right in assuming that a neon line would "outline" the figure. Both the ODST and the Mongoose look very cool this way and they almost have a Tron-like aspect to them now. The VISR Mongoose and ODST box set will be out in May and will be accompanied by another Mongoose set. The other Mongoose set is just a regular one, though, and includes a yellow EVA Spartan with blue highlights. It's alright, but doesn't hold a candle to the VISR mode set. Until McFarlane Toys releases an image without their stamp all over it, enjoy this somewhat covered look at the set.

The Mongoose looks better than ever with the right futuristic paint job.

- Shawn - 3/5/10