First Photos of McFarlane Toys' Halo Reach Ghost

McFarlane Toys has been too quiet regarding the Halo: Reach figures and vehicles, but I stumbled upon some test photos of the Ghost in its packaging and of the Ghost itself. The photos of the Ghost in the test packaging come from I won't question how they got the photos because they're a cool Japanese site and they can probably get whatever they want. The Ghost itself looks incredible: lots of detail, good paint, and overall awesomeness. The two pics of the Ghost without the packaging are from Not sure how they got these nice shots when we've nothing from McFarlane Toys, but there they are. These will have to do until finally updates with their official photos.

- Shawn - 6/25/10

I have the urge to put a blue Pac-Man ghost in the seat. I think I'll have to do that when this comes out.